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By Susan Howe

"Starts off as a manifesto yet turns into richer and extra suggestive because it develops."―The ny Sun

With exacting rigor and wit, Howe pulls Dickinson freed from all of the sterile and stuffy belle-of-Amherst cotton wool and exhibits the poet involved with elemental forces of nature, and as a prophet in all her radical zealotry and poetic glory. Her Emily Dickinson is a special American genius, a demon lover of poetry―no neurasthenic spider artist. Howe attracts into her dialogue Browning, Wuthering Heights, the Civil conflict, "Master," the good Puritan preachers, captivity narratives, Shakespeare, and phantom fanatics. As she chases away slim and reductive feminist readings of the poet, Howe unearths as a substitute a considerably robust and precise feminism at paintings in Dickinson, focusing the total on that heart-stopping poem "My existence had stood―a Loaded Gun."

A notable and passionate poet-on-poet engagement, My Emily Dickinson frees a very good poet from the fetters of being learn as a unique woman neurotic, and units her opposed to a fiery open sky the place "Perception of an item capability loosing and wasting it...only Mutability certain." My Emily Dickinson received The prior to Columbus starting place booklet Award.

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