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The invention of the Dover Bronze Age boat 16 years in the past maintains to motivate and stimulate debate in regards to the nature of seafaring and cultural connections in prehistoric Europe; the twelve papers provided the following replicate an expanding attractiveness of cross-channel similarities and a coming jointly of maritime ('wet') and terrestrial ('dry') archaeology.

Contents: construction new connections (Peter Clark); Encompassing the ocean: 'maritories' and Bronze Age maritime interactions (Stuart Needham); From Picardy to Flanders: transmanche connections within the Bronze Age (Jean Bourgeois and Marc Talon); British immigrants killed in another country within the seventies: the increase and fall of a Dutch tradition (Liesbeth Theunissen); The Canche Estuary (Pas-de-Calais, France) from the early Bronze Age to the emporium of Quentovic: a standard buying and selling position among south east England and the continent (Michel Philippe); taking a look ahead: maritime contacts within the first millennium BC (Barry Cunliffe); Copper Mining and creation before everything of the British Bronze Age new facts for Beaker/EBA prospecting and a few rules on scale, alternate, and early smelting applied sciences (Simon Timberlake); The death of the flint software (Chris Butler); Land on the different finish of the ocean? Metalwork move, geographical wisdom and the importance of British/Irish imports within the Bronze Age of the Low nations (David Fontijn); The master(y) of tough fabrics: options on know-how, materiality and beliefs occasioned through the Dover boat (Mary W Helms); Exploring the ritual of trip in prehistoric Europe: the Bronze Age sewn-plank boats in context (Robert van de Noort); In his palms and in his head: the Amesbury Archer as magician (Andrew Fitzpatrick).

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The new learn of the necklace of Exloo published one of many newest principles; the main possible provenance of the necklace is Southern England (Haveman and Sheridan 2005/2006). The Wessex-Hilversum connection may possibly good were the mechanism for the transmission of the Exloo necklace from England to the Netherlands. So greater than 40 years after Isobel Smith’s speculation, lets say that the necklace can nonetheless be noticeable as a proof of long-distance contacts around the North Sea. The British immigrants have been killed within the seventies, however the Bronze Age contacts are nonetheless robust. record of references Butler, J 1963 Bronze Age connections around the North Sea, Palaeohistoria, nine, 1–286 Butler, J 1969 Nederland in de bronstijd, Haarlem: Fibula Butler, J and Smith, I 1956 Razors, urns, and the British center Bronze Age, 12th Annual record of the college of London Institute of Archaeology, 20–52. Childe, V 1929 The Danube in Prehistory, Oxford: Oxford college Press Giffen, A 1930 Die Bauart der Einzelgräber: Beitrag zur Kenntnis der ällteren individuellen Grabhügelstrukturen in den Niederlanden, Leipzig: Mannus Bibliothek Giffen, A 1938 ’Continental bell or disc-barrows in Holland with detailed connection with tumulus I at Rielsche Hoefke’, court cases of the Prehistoric Society, four, 258–271 Giffen, A 1947 Oudheidkundige perspectieven in het bijzonder ten aanzien van de Vaderlandsch Prae- en Protohistorie. Rede uitgesproken naar aanleiding van de aanvaarding van het ambt van buitengewoon hoogleeraar aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam op maandag three februari 1947, Groningen. Glasbergen, W 1954 Barrow excavations within the 8 Beatitudes: The Bronze Age cemetery among Toterfout and Halve Mijl, North Brabant, Groningen/Djakarta: Wolters Glasbergen, W 1957 De urn van Toterfout en de reformatie van de Britse bronstijd, Groningen (bijdragen tot de studie van het Brabants heem eight) Glasbergen, W 1968 Nogmaals HVS/DKS, Haarlem (Haarlemse voordrachten 28) eco-friendly, S 1981 Prehistorian: A Biography of V Gordon Childe, Bradford-on-Avon: Moonraker Press Haveman, E and Sheridan, J A 2005/2006 ‘The Exloo necklace: new gentle on an outdated find’, Palaeohistoria, 47/48, 101–139 Laet de, S and Glasbergen, W 1959 De voorgeschiedenis der Lage Landen, Groningen: Wolters Lanting, J and Van der Plicht, J 2001/2002 ‘De 14C-chronology van de Nederlandse pre- en protohistorie. IV: bronstijd en vroege ijzertijd’, Palaeohistoria, 43/44, 117–262 Louwe Kooijmans, L, Van den Broeke, P, Fokkens, H and Van Gijn, A 2005 The prehistory of the Netherlands, Amsterdam: Amsterdam collage Press Smith, I 1961 ‘An essay in the direction of the reformation of the British Bronze Age’, Helinium, 1, 97–118 Theunissen, L 1999 Midden-Bronstijdsamenlevingen in het zuiden van de Lage Landen: Een evaluatie van het begrip ‘Hilversum-cultuur’, Leiden: collage of Leiden set off, B 1980 Gordon Childe: Revolutions in archaeology, London: Thames and Hudson set off, B 1989 A heritage of archeological suggestion, Cambridge: Cambridge collage Press five.

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